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Dating is amazing and exciting but it’s just quite complicated if you’re new to it. Arranging a first date can be a whole lot of trouble, but building a relationship is much more difficult. People may have problems coping with their emotions, compromising, tackling arising issues and taming their own character. To help you with all that, we’ve drawn up some infographics, which illustrate clearly and vividly the most common issues people face in a relationship.

Keys to Happiness in a Relationship

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Happiness is a choice and every person has the complete control and right over the pursuit of happiness in their relationship. But remember, in order to be happy in a relationship, you should be happy in all other spheres too. It’s important that you discard negative emotions, such as pessimism, …

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How to avoid emotional arguments in a relationship

People seem to have less tolerance and patience today which creates unnecessary misunderstandings and results to emotional arguments and outbursts. To avoid emotional damage and improve communication between you and your date, it is vital to learn how to handle the heat of every argument, very often by simply taking …

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Busting 4 body language myths when Dating

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Body language is defined as the conscious and unconscious movement and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated. These nonverbal signals play a huge role in dating. From the facial expressions to the movements of our body, we send out a large number of messages from our body to …

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Better Dating Experience Through Better Listening

Have you ever found yourself failing to communicate an idea to your significant other? Well, maybe that’s because both of you lack what it takes to communicate, that is good listening skills. Sounds a little illogical, doesn’t it? But listening is as important in communication as speaking. You may have …

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