So you don’t have Bill Gates’ billions? Not to worry—you can still make a great impression on your date and win her over.

Here are some tips to help you make a wonderful impression:


  • “Special” doesn’t have to mean “fancy.” You can take her out to dinner (or lunch or brunch) at someplace she likely hasn’t eaten at before. Choose either a restaurant with a budget menu but an interesting ambience, or one with a cuisine she may never have tried before. What’s available in your area? Korean?Peruvian?These are normally not expensive! Treat her to something different!
  • Cook for her. Unless you are totally inept in the kitchen, you probably have at least one dish you can prepare successfully and impressively. Again, it doesn’t have to be fancy. A well-prepared steak, a simple chicken dish—just the fact that you’re going to the trouble for her will make a good impression.
  • If you want to keep your plans for the afternoon or evening a surprise, at least give her a hint about how to dress. She won’t be happy if she dresses for a nice restaurant and finds herself at the zoo—or vice versa. But she’ll be very appreciative if you either tell her where you’re taking her or at least tell her how to dress. “Dress warm. We’ll be outdoors and the weather’s chilly.” “Dress comfortably, and wear shoes you can walk in.” “Bring a sweater. The air-conditioning is strong where we’re going.”
  • Ask her where she would like to go and what she’d like to do. She’ll consider you thoughtful for asking. She may throw the ball back in your court and tell you, “You decide,” but you’ll still have scored points with the question.
  • Be creative. Think of “fun” places to go and things to do. The roller rink? The aquarium? A museum? How about a Saturday morning date browsing the nearest greendating sitemarket? Is there a carousel anywhere nearby, whether or not it’s part of an amusement park? (A few spins on the carousel won’t account for the whole date, but it can be a fun highlight!)
  • Does she like to go fishing, or would she be willing to try? Take her out on the water, or go fishing from a nearby pier.
  • How about a classic auto show, or if that’s not up her alley, a home improvement show?
  • Bring her flowers. Yeah, it’s corny, but it’s time-honored, and women love it. It doesn’t even have to be a big, expensive bouquet. A single rose (or other flower) can make a good impression, too.
  • Or, instead of a bouquet of flowers, bring her a plant—preferably a flowering plant that’s in bloom or that is budding now and will blossom shortly. Give it to her with the explanation that cut flowers wither quickly but plants last and last. If this is not your first or second date, and you really like her, say, “Plants last and last, just like I hope our relationship will.”date
  • Write her a poem. It doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be mushy, and it doesn’t even have to rhyme. She’ll greatly appreciate the effort as well as the thought.
  • If you have a shop in your basement or garage, can you create, through woodworking or some other craft, a simple gift for her? Bookends, a spice rack, an umbrella stand, a picture frame…as long as it’s homemade, and it’s from you to her, she’ll appreciate it.
  • If you’re a “handy Andy,” ask her if there is anything around her home that needs fixing, that you can tackle for her. She’ll be sooooo appreciative.
  • Some women still appreciate men who hold doors for them and do other, similar chivalrous acts. Unless and until she says, “Thanks, but I can get that,” or “You don’t need to open the car door for me,” hold the door, open the car door, help her in and out of her coat, pull the chair out for her in a restaurant, and in general be attentive. Even if she’s independent or ultra-feminist, she’ll appreciate that you offered, or tried, to be chivalrous.
  • Let her do more of the talking than you do (but don’t be Sam the clam—open up and do some of the talking, too).


  • If you have a friend who has a convertible and will let you borrow it, and assuming it isn’t raining or 30 below zero,take her for a ride with the top down.
  • Take her to the library, browse among the music bins, ask her what her favorite types of music are, and let her select five or so CDs. Borrow them on your card, not hers, and take her back to your place to spend an evening listening to her favorite music.
  • If your house has a working fireplace, light a fire, even if it’s July…and while you’re enjoying the romantic glow, make the evening even better by roasting marshmallows.
  • Take her on a picnic! In warm weather, when the days are longer, this can be an evening picnic. In mid to late spring or early to mid-fall, when the temperature is still conducive to eating out but darkness comes earlier, take her for a picnic lunch (or, if it isn’t a workday, take her for an early picnic dinner). If you can be creative with the picnic fare, so much the better. But if not, fried chicken or chicken in barbeque sauce are always safe fallbacks for a picnic.
  • There’s a reason behind the expression, “Sweets for the sweet.” And the reason is that most women have a sweet tooth and will appreciate brownies, cake, chocolates…even mundane donuts. A rich, ooey-gooey chocolate cake may ruin any diet she might be on, but she won’t hold it against you. All she’ll hold against you is her body as she hugs you in appreciation for the thoughtful gift.

Remember, three of the things women appreciate are:

  • Thoughtfulness
  • Creativity
  • Consideration

If you’ve got those, you don’t need Bill Gates’ wallet. What you have is good enough!


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