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EAT GARLIC: It will make your sweat smell attractive!

Although it might make your breath stink so badly it will chase the girl away first…

Generally, dating tips include things like: dress to impress, appear interested, give compliments and play hard to get.

Oh – and stay away from garlic and other foods that make your breath smell like rotten eggs.

Maybe garlic is actually your best friend

Though the part about your breath still applies, eating garlic before going on a date is now actually recommended by scientists. For guys, that is. Whether the same goes for girls is yet to be determined.

But research by Jitka Fialová and colleagues shows that women prefer the sweat of men who have eaten 12 grams of garlic to those who have not.
Might be a tough pill to swallow if you’re not a big garlic fan, but it could be just what you need to win the girl over. It will make your sweat smell more pleasant, attractive and less intense.

An actual pill (1000mg garlic capsule) will do the trick too, in case you really hate the taste of this marvelous herb.

couple enjoying a movie at the cinema
couple enjoying a movie at the cinema

Evolution makes us act weird

But why? Why on Earth would garlic make you smell more attractive?

The researchers theories that it is because the herb is healthy. Garlic is a highly nutritious food with antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. And if you smell healthy, you must be a good mating partner.

Or the antibacterial working of garlic merely takes away those disgusting odours generally emanating from your armpits.

Which is great too, of course. The result is still the same, and that’s what matters. To men.

Women might want to start their date by asking how much garlic has been consumed, in order not to be swept off their feet unfairly by that treacherous, sweet smell of sweat.
Read the rest here at the Huffington Post.

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